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After being closed for near on 5 months, the Natural History Museum in London is reopening it’s doors. With a significantly reduced capacity, the museum will begin to reopen from Wednesday to Sunday and with reduced opening hours.

The nation has reconnected with the natural world during lockdown and there is no better place to discover all it has to offer than our Museum. From visiting our world-leading dinosaur gallery to seeing our awe-inspiring blue whale Hope plunging from the ceiling in Hintze Hall, we look forward to offering a uniquely relaxed visit. Visitors will be able to explore our magnificent halls and galleries without the crowds – something only our staff usually experience outside opening hours.

Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum

The vast majority of the Museum’s galleries will be open alongside its five-acre gardens. Strolls, picnicking, exploring pondlife and wildlife watching are all encouraged.

The Museum’s Ice Rink is still set to open in October with new measures in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for skaters.

By Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is the executive producer of UTCR.Live.

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