An IKEA worker stands behind a protective screen

I will be writing a series of articles documenting how life has changed during and after the COVID lockdown. They will be published every Wednesday over the next few months.

About a week ago, I travelled out to IKEA in Reading to see how different a trip was.

It certainly did not feel like we were in the middle of a global pandemic. People were casually shopping, browsing through IKEA as you always would do.

We’re looking forward to warmly welcoming customers and co-workers back into our stores from 1st June. Their health and safety remains our top priority, and that’s why we’ve put in place extensive measures to ensure the safety and comfort of customers and co-workers. 

Peter Jelkeby – IKEA UK & IE CEO

Hand sanitiser was provided all over the place and all of the trolleys were being sanitised regularly.

As the British public typically does, we all followed the arrows in an orderly queue. Safely travelling in one direction. This being said, it did create the minor inconvenience of being unable to backtrack to something you missed without starting all over again.

We also ate in their restaurant. They took our details upon entry and showed us to our table; completely eliminating any queues using a booking system.

Overall, it was a really swift and pleasant experience. On the most part, everyone was wearing their masks and followed all of the directions.

Come back next Wednesday for our report on how Train & Bus travel has changed. 

By Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is the executive producer of UTCR.Live.

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