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Geoff Pugh was flabbergasted to receive a £90 parking fine after taking a drive through coronavirus test in a repurposed car park.

The motorist took his wife and two children for swabs at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre in north London on 7 July.

He said they were on site for just 27 minutes and didn’t leave the car at any point.

Highview Parking, the company that issued the fine, said that any fines issued incorrectly would be cancelled.

At first I thought it was just a genuine fine, so I was about to pay it, but when I looked into where it happened and realised what it was, I was flabbergasted. I think it’s completely ridiculous to charge someone for looking after the health of their family, neighbours and work colleagues.

The fine was issued automatically through the use of automatic number plate recognition, ANPR, camera.

The car park terms and conditions and the pay-for-parking system and tariff are set by our client – we do not have any involvement in setting these rules, or indeed when they do or do not charge for parking.

We cannot confirm whether or not the car park has been repurposed by Enfield Council, just that we have been asked to suspend enforcement activity on specific days and times where they have agreed to provide space for Covid testing. However, the car park is still being used for retail during this time.

Highview claims that they require notification of dates & times for the cameras to be turned in advance. They were only notified a week after fines were issued. So all incorrectly issued fines will been cancelled.

By Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is the executive producer of UTCR.Live.

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