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Following research from Public Health England, it has been discovered that secondary school students are just as likely to transmit the coronavirus as adults. These findings come from the same research ministers used to argue that it is safe for all children to return to class at the beginning of next month.

The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, said that according to the study, there was little risk for all children to return to the classroom just next month.

It is believed that tougher rules will be needed for older children. Researchers working on the project are unhappy with how ministers have been using the findings, claiming they have not been fully analysed.

This being said, ministers are still insisting that schools will reopen as planned.

On the basis of the work that has been completed and those international comparators, we are confident that children and young people are much less at risk from this disease and from passing it on than other adults more broadly in the community.

Edward Argar – Health Minister

The PHE study focused on mainly primary schools. Regularly swabbing students and staff members. It showed “very, very few positive swabs and these were mainly in staff members”

Secondary children are most likely to get infected, have silent infection, transmit infection and get sicker, There’s a genuine concern that secondary school children are not the same as primary school children. Once community control of Covid-19 is lost then outbreaks are seen in secondary schools.

These findings will likely lead to many freedoms being sacrificed so that children can return to school.

Schools would be the absolute last sector to close in any local lockdown

Spokesperson for Boris Johnson

By Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is the executive producer of UTCR.Live.

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