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This week…

Its been a week of leaks, snipes and cuts in the tech world surmounting in what has been an odd week. Drama escalates with TikTok. The Twitter hacker on this side of the pond has still not been arrested ,and Samsung released 5 new products… except they all had been leaked in full a day before.

We have all of this and more in this weeks tech roundup

Tiktok is coming up again

TikToks Logo infront of its Chinese Parent Company

In another episode of Tiktok, China has accused the US of "theft" of a Chinese technology company in a response to the push by the US to sell the app to a "very American" company or to see the app banned in the United States. This has seen Microsoft come as the front runner to buy the app. This is not without criticism though as the white-house has pointed out the numerous business ventures that are available in China such as Bing (which does censored results according the CCP) as well as GitHub ,which is available in full, in China, and the site Linkedin which again is not censored, as well as most of there software products. It is said through this massive presences that the deal came to them.

All the while TikTok is still trying to improve its image by releasing a new "Comunity Guidelines". This will try to ban Deep fakes (the use of A.I to put one persons face onto another with a high degree of accuracy) ,expand fact checks as well as flag election misinformation.

We will watch to see what happens with the site but if you want to get your fix of vertical videos Instagram has released "reels" which are a knock off of the Chinese application

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British Teen in conection accused of hacking Twitter has not been arrested yet.

The British teenager from Bognor Regis has not been arrested after he was accused of hacking Twitter. The hack ,which used famous accounts to trick people into giving Bitcoin to the hackers, was made public not long after the flurry of tweets and now three teens face up to 20 years in prison as well as $250,000 fine (this is the maximum sentence and the teens will most likely face less time in prison). At the Moment the National Crime Agency has made no arrests and an extradition hearing (whether the UK will agree to allow the US to prosecute him in the US) will most probably be heard later this month.

As for the other teen his trial was held on zoom… This lead to multiple Zoom bombings with pornographic clip ending the trial. This is not at all

The Last Teen has been named and will be prosecuted shortly (just not over Zoom hopfuly)


Google has been pulling.. A lot of its products

The Pixel4

Google has been Pulling a lot of things as of late. Its play music service (which never was that popular) will start to discontinue streaming in September with the UK and US seeing the discontinuation in October. The site will finally bit the dust in December sending all of the user uploaded tracks to the great abyss of the cloud. This is all in a move to push all of the new youtube services such as YouTube premium ,which has YouTube music bundled. This is going to be a pain for the users that use Play music, better get out while you can


This is not all though..

Google is killing the pixel 4 family after only 9 months. This makes it the fasted pixel device to be pulled and is ( a small ) exit from the premium smartphone game as the pixel 5 won’t be released until the end of Q3. The phone won’t be missed as it had lacklustre battery life. It could not be sold in India due to its RADAR chip and was all around not googles finest hour.

This leaves the pixel 4a (A half decent phone) as the only phone available from google until the 5 is announced (which it still not confirmed)


Samsung was beaten to the punch.. with its own products

Samsung announced 5 new gadgets as well as a partnership with Microsoft all in an event on Tuesday. This would have all been well and good if everything was not leaked in full a mere 24 hours before. At this point I would not know if that leak is useful but I know Samsung was not happy about it.

Moving onto what was announced.

  • The Note was refreshed with a 120hz screen, the "toughest" version of Gorilla glass , and a new "Intelligent battery" which is said to last all day. As well as all the improvements to camera and video that come with a refresh. It also is sold with what is essentially android airdrop and the ability to locate other Samsung devices in close range (for when you drop your watch behind the sofa)

  • There is a new IPad pro competitor called the Galaxy Tab s7 and s7 plus (not to be confused with the phones of a similar moniker) the s7 will come with an 11 inch screen and the + with a 12.4 inch screen. One Hallmark of the 12.4 inch screen is that it will have the largest amoled screen in a tablet. While the IPad pro uses apples LCD "liquid retina". Continuing with The IPad similarities is the new S pen which has much lower latency as well as "more of a pen like feel" which suggests to me that they have upped the pressure sensitivity (the pen is found on the back for some reason??) It can also be paired with a keyboard and folio cover (like the IPad pro) even tho they are both separate pieces unlike the magic key-board

  • Cloud Gaming is coming to Samsung devices with Xbox game pass ultimate This will be available in September 15th It is stated to have over 100 games ready on the get go. You can pre-order to get access on shipping and comes with an Bluetooth controller!

  • The Galaxy buds live also know as the bean buds (which i will be using exclusively from this point on) are meant to be competitors with the noise cancelling heavy weights such as Apples air-pods pro and Sony’s WF-1000XM3 while undercutting the price. The bean buds and case are made from recycled material and boast about 6 hours of playback with 21 hours with the case.

the Bean Buds

  • The Galaxy watch Was also refreshed with a smaller and slimier frame as well as a larger screen. It also includes an EKG and a blood oxygen monitor which are pretty cool (and about on par with apple)

  • Finally the Galaxy z fold 2 was announced. This is a massive improvement with the screen gap being smaller , the frame being thinner and the outside screen being much bigger as it fills the front of the phone. They have also made use of there pin hole camera on the inside as well as covering the inside screen with a thin layer of glass, which should make all of those peeling off the screen issues redundant but we will have to see how id does when it comes out. It also comes with a 120hz screen. More info will be given on September 1st

  • The your phone app on windows will be receiving some updates as well with Samsung adding the ability to preview android app allowing you to scroll Instagram while you are working (as if you are not doing that already.)

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The CPU Wars will be heating up very soon (and it should be hotter than Intel’s chips)

There have been Leaks all over the place with AMD’s Zen 3 based Ryzen 9 4950x. It comes via Igor’s Lab which says that it will have a 3.5GHz base with an impressive 4.8GHz boost. This will be an increase of about 100MHz which is pretty nice. there is also a suggestion that it could boost to the 5GHz realm which is at the moment is one of Intel’s last strongholds. This is all to add to the 10% to 15% IPC increase which was leaked previously

This is not to say that Intel is down for the count just yet. Tiger lake CPU’s are going to be announced on the 13Th of this month (a some what inauspicious date) These will be included with there new 10nm based willow cove architecture as well as the new X^e graphics architecture, which may punch AMD right in the API market.

This is not even talking about the new benchmarks which talk about the Core i7-1165G7 quad core beating the Ryzen 7 4800U in single threaded performance. Of course AMD claws the lead back in Multi threaded work loads mainly due to its extra cores and threads (of which it has double)

All of this requires a pinch of salt

This is all based around a sample size of one meaning the chip may be outlier while the APU has 55 comparison points making there the numbers much more stable. To add to AMD’s favour the Ryzen 7 is a mobile APU out now so this is not even talking about Zen3 which is meant to bring a lot more IPC to the table. All of this said it paints a really interesting picture of the future.

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