Extinction Rebellion’s latest protest victim, the Science Museum London, has found itself in hot water recently after it was revealed that as part of the Shell sponsorship there was an alleged “gagging clause”.

I like going to the science museum because it helps me learn about the world, but Shell who sponsor the science museum’s exhibition on climate change are destroying the planet. They are trying to make people believe they want to solve the problem, when actually it’s their fault. I don’t want to go to a museum that isn’t telling me the truth about Shell and the climate emergency.

Ted Murphy, age 11, XR Protestor

XR began their protest at 6pm on August 29th and continued to protest throughout the night with protestors gluing themselves to railings within the museum.

The science museum have pledged to net zero emissions by 2033. However, the reason for this protest is the partnerships with oil companies like Shell and BP. The science museum says “We believe the right approach is to engage, debate and challenge companies, governments and individuals to do more to make the global economy less carbon intensive”. However, this response was clearly not good enough for the 100+ rebels that occupied the science museum.

The action comes as part of the Impossible Rebellion, which began on August 23rd and is “making a demand for an immediate halt to all new investment in fossil fuels.” Extinction rebellion have been protesting for 5 days and counting in a variety of locations within London. Recent action has included assembling giant pink tables across London and smashing the windows of JP Morgan.

This article forms part of our XR Impossible Rebellion coverage.

By Benjamin Lewis

Benjamin Lewis is the executive producer of UTCR.Live.

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